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Age to Purchase Tobacco in Cattaraugus County, NY Soon to be 21

As of last night, the Cattaraugus County Legislature APPROVED a proposed law that would raise the age to buy cigarettes. The legislature voted 14-2 in favor or raising the age from 18 – 21.  We’re happy to report that the new law covers both electronic and traditional cigarettes. The law will go into effect on the 1st of November. Another great step to fight back against big tobacco.

Check out the full story here: Time Warner Cable News

The New York Times “Black Health Experts Renew Fight Against Menthol Cigarettes”

Did you know that menthol cigarettes account for about 1/3 of all cigarettes sold in the US? Did you also know that they are particularly popular among African American smokers? According to the New York Times, about 45,000 African Americans die each year from a smoking related illness.

Check out the attached link for the recent New York Times article about the toll of Big Tobacco!

NYTimes Article


Lewis County Night Out

Reality Check attended the Lewis County Kid’s Night Out last Thursday! It made us so happy to see parent involvement as well as youth interest in learning about tobacco and its damaging effects! Most importantly we loved seeing everyone out having a good time with loved ones!reality-check-lewis-county-night-outamber-lewis-county-night-outamber-2-lewis-county-night-out