Preparing our Youth!

Check out these two superheros! Two of our Reality Check youth spent their Saturday with us learning how to protect their community from the effects of tobacco. They wrote letters to local law enforcement and news stations, learned about all of the mean things that tobacco executives have said about their customers, created their own “tobacco crusaders” and picked up cigarette butts.

Check out all of the cigarette butts in the photo! Our girls filled a large orange juice container and started a garbage bag – all from just one building!

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One thought on “Preparing our Youth!

  1. Heather Collins

    Hello there!
    I am very interested in getting signs up in our Village Park and Pool area. Maybe even providing signs for landlords, as well as our school and Village offices. Let me know what you think.
    I spoke with one of you lovely ladies at the Tri-County Picnic. 🙂
    Anything you can do to help with decreasing Tobacco use in my area would be greatly valued!
    My office hours are Monday’s and Fridays, my office number is 348-8613



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