1. NYS Landlord Toolkit, provided by, which includes tips for implementing and enforcing a tobacco-free policy. This resource included sample leases, surveys and tenant communications to help you make a successful change. Landlord Smoke Free Housing Toolkit
  2. The NYS Tenant Toolkit is a guide developed for tenants by the Public Health Advocacy Institute for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The toolkit includes information on the effects of secondhand smoke, short-term solutions, legal rights of New York State Tenants and effective ways to work towards a smoke-free policy.Tenant Guide to Smoke-Free Housing
  3. Developing a Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Program: A Guide for Tobacco Control Professionals, is a manual for professional public health workers that provides in-depth information on the steps to implementing a smoke-free policy. This manual gives public health professionals new to the field of smoke-free multi-unit housing a comprehensive guide for starting this work. The manual will also provide seasoned veterans with tips and tools for increasing the impact of their own smoke-free multi-unit housing programs. CPPW SF MUH manual
  4. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes, HUD, created an action guide for establishing smoke-free public housing and multifamily properties entitled Change is in the Air. HUD Changes In The Air
  5. Recently, HUD has strongly encouraged public housing authorities to adopt smoke-free policies to protect the health of residents, who are often more vulnerable to secondhand smoke that those of higher income. The following resources were published in part by HUD to make a create a strong movement towards smoke-free policies.
    1. HUD Secondhand Smoke
    2. HUD Tenants Rights
    3. HUD Tenants With Disabilities
  6. The following are informative resources for tenants and landlords of cooperatives and condominiums.
    1. Smoke-Free Housing Cooperatives
    2. Smoke-Free Condominium
  7. Interested in adopting a tobacco-free policy at your local college? The NYS Tobacco Free College Campus Toolkit is a great way to start. The toolkit outlines all of the steps necessary to effectively implement a tobacco-free policy on a college campus. NYS Tobacco Free Campus Toolkit
  8. Interested in adopting a tobacco-free business policy? If you could have a safer, cleaner, healthier and more productive workplace without costing any money, would you? Adopting a tobacco-free policy at your workplace lowers the risk of fires and accidental injuries, reduces cleaning and maintenance costs and reducing potential for legal liability all while protecting the health of your workers and your bottom line.
    1. CDC Smoke-Free Business Booklet
    2. Making Your Workplace Smokefree – CDC

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